About Us


Lots of people dream about traveling all over the world. It's becoming a reality for more and more people as well. Women are traveling much more than they used to, and they now represent over sixty percent of Intrepid Travel passengers.


Around forty-six percent of Intrepid Travel passengers are between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-nine. As such, people don't have to wait until retirement to go traveling anymore. Of course, lots of people over fifty-five do travel these days, and older women traveling together in big groups is becoming more and more common as well. We're happy to help all of these growing segments of the market with all of their traveling needs.


People from all backgrounds can enjoy hiking and camping. Even when people only go on a vacation that lasts for about a week, it's still usually something that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Traveling is an investment in that way. You can buy experiences, and traveling enables you to buy a lot of experiences back to back with one another. With a little help, you can truly experience your dream vacation, which you'll be dreaming about the rest of your life.