Best Affordable Caribbean Destination

If you are looking for a good and affordable place for your vacation, you can consider the Caribbean. The region offers lots for tourists ranging from affordable to the most exclusive and expensive posh accommodations.

You will discover wonderful places in Trinidad & Tobago, St Maarten, Martinique, Havana, Barbados, as well as the US Virgin Islands and Guadeloupe.

These are not the only wonderful places to spend your vacation in this region, these places are selected because they have the most fascinating places to visit, and you get everything you want.

Trinidad and Tobago


Trinidad and Tobago is a wonderful country. It offers the most interesting and affordable destination.


Although more than ninety percent of the population reside in Trinidad, more than half of the destinations are located in Tobago. Hotel accommodation here is affordable, and they offer first class services. When you visit, you will have value for your money.


St. Maarten

This territory is unique; half of the country is French speaking while the other half is Dutch speaking. Getting to this country is not difficult and the flight here is considered the most affordable in the region.


Various kinds of hotels are available and you are sure of getting what you want. These hotels are affordable, and they provide first class services.



Martinique may not compare with others in terms of resorts availability, but it remains the most popular destination for French speakers in Europe and Canada.

The population is relatively large, and they offer the best in terms of cuisine. Though hotels are not scattered as you have in other Caribbean, you can get affordable accommodation here. You will enjoy your stay in any of the low budget hotels casa particular.


Havana is the capital of Cuba and it is perhaps the biggest city in the Caribbean. The city is famous for budget friendly destinations. Because the city is big, it offers plenty of choices for visitors. You can get different kinds of accommodation ranging from the affordable to the most expensive ones.


Even if you stay in any of the friendly hotels, you will have value for your money. Many of these accommodations are situated close to attraction sites. This means that you have interesting things to do and see in casa particular old Havana Cuba.

Havana is a fantastic place to visit and the city is synonymous with mojitos, Che Guevara, casa particular Cuba Havana, as well as American classic cars.

You can get everything you want in Havana without emptying your bank account. The city is the most favorite place to visit by tourists coming to this part of the world.


Barbados is farther away than most of the popular destinations in the Caribbean. However, getting to the place will not be difficult, because you can get a cheap flight from the US. You will have value for your money, because they have good quality three star beach resorts and these are highly affordable. You can get pricey and posh resorts as well. The choice to make is yours.

U.S. Virgin Islands

US Virgin Islands is great for its travel destinations. Tourists prefer to visit St Croix and St. Thomas. These are great places and they have a lot to offer these tourists. There are various kinds of accommodation in this area and the cost of these hotels varies. You can get plenty of deals here and they have interesting sightseeing destinations.


Guadeloupe is a great place for French and other European tourists. To visit here, it is cheaper to move from Paris. This is understandable as it is considered part of France. Various kinds of hotel accommodation are available, one thing is certain, and that is you will get budget friendly destinations.


Caribbean remains the most popular and affordable region to visit. Many Europeans make it here in the winter season; because this is the period, they enjoy the place most. Several tourists’ destinations are scattered in various parts of the Caribbean. You have plenty to enjoy and nothing to lose. They offered the best for travelers.

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